Benz is Preferred and Frontward Due to,

"Benz" Inflexible Quality Standard

  • 1. The Benz Products are being manufactured under complete hygienic condtions and under the supervision of high quality and experienced Food Technologists.

    • 2. High grade raw material is selected from the market required for the Benz product.

      • 3. Benz Juices are made from the finest fruit extracts and concentrates.

        • 4. Utterly refreshing, Benz Juices are available in delicious choices.

        And at Benz We,

      • 1. Determine the juice contents of fruit drinks.

        • 2. Determine the amount of carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid, caffine, preservatives, sugars etc.

          • 3. Determine the mineral composition and ion balance of mineral water.

            • 4. Check the purity of concentrate, juices and nectars.

          • 5. Assess the presence or absence of contaminates such as pesticides, trace and deal with microbiological problems.

        • 6. Conduct aroma research.

    • 7. Conduct Microbiological research; trace source of infection in production lines.

  • 8. Conduct comparative sensory research using consumer panels.

  • 09. Perform off-flavour research.

  • 10. Provide qualitative and quantitative data concerning volatile substances.

  • 11. Issue Certificates for exports purposes.

  • 12. Given advice on regulation.

  • 13. Provide damage assessment services.

Frozen Pulp

"Pulp" is processed from fresh, fully refined Pulp. The high hygienic process starts with mechanical washing and steam bleaching of whole mangos, which are then destined in a stainless steel finisher, giving it a very fine and uniform texture which makes it perfect into 10-20 kilogram carton, blast frozen then stored at -18 centigrade until ship. Here, we have fresh pulp in tin packs and glass bottle also.